10 Playgrounds That Are Inappropriate For Kids

10 Playgrounds That Are Inappropriate For Kids

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10 playgrounds that are inappropriate for children
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Playgrounds are very important for the development of young children however, there are a few
exceptions. Some playgrounds are made for children to interact with other children from their
age group, to enjoy some rides and get freshened up but some playgrounds are literally made to
keep the kids away from them. Don’t believe us? then watch this list of ten playgrounds that are
highly inappropriate for children.
10) No Shade And Hot Slides
This may be a different playground, but this will certainly burn your bottom to ashes if you dare
to ride the slides. Most of the children who visit this land are just too young to have the privilege
of huge, massive trees to shield us in the warmer months, and others will have a shade cloth that
only covers a small portion of the playground. The major criminals here are Riverside
Playground in Spring Farm, Bungaribee Park in Western Sydney Parklands, Marrickville Park
Playground and Renwick Street Playground in Alexandria. The lack of shade influenced most of
you, not just the chance of sunburn and overheating, but the way your children burn their
bottoms on metal slides! Ouch, guy. It seems that the price of shade is the biggest factor that the
councils are holding back from having our children protected. “Shade cloth-style shade
structures over play equipment are expensive to install, and to maintain and have been associated
with serious accidents in other local government areas,” a spokesperson for the Blue Mountains
told the Daily Telegraph in 2014.
9) The cheese grater slide
We all love cheese and sometimes kids enjoy minimal cooking lessons too. However, nobody
wants their kid’s butt grated unlike the owners of this playground and the engineers behind this
specific slide did. Designed by a German artist, Carsten Holler, this 80 foot steel slide comes
with and surprise that might mark your experience for ever. The slide was designed to raise
awareness regarding the sensitivity of a cheese grater and to focus on the fact that it is no toy to
play with. Well, if your kid is not stopping from playing with the cheese grater, you better take
him to this slide and teach him a lesson. Well, to your relief, the slide is not as dangerous as you

think it is. The graters do not actually slice the child’s butt, nonetheless, the thought of sliding
down a grater is not very nice.
8) Super Slippery Slides
Super slides are probably the best part of a playground, but some parents are concerned that
these super-fast slippery dips are super dangerous for little kids who pick up lots of speed.
Putney Park in Ryde was pointed out for its metal tube slide with "funny left hand bend that you
don't see coming because its pitch black in there" the slide, as fun as it may sound, can be
extremely dangerous for children who can lose control real fast. The super shiny slide has been
proved to be dangerous on multiple occasions. Reports have been recorded about a number of
times when people around witnessed children breaking their arms on the slide. Also noted was
the Parramatta CBD River Foreshore Park with some parents concerned that the super-fast slide
launches their kids towards the river! Yikes.
7) Cement Land
Cement land is an unfinished public art display on the 54-acre site of a former cement factory
just north of St. Louis, Missouri. The brainchild of sculptor Bob Cassilly, who also created the
St. Louis City Museum, includes giant concrete sculptures and outdated machinery, and it was
designed to have navigable waterways, among many other features. Most of the landscaping is
founded on dirt dumped by local construction firms, who used the property as a landfill until
Cassilly bought it and paid it for the privilege. Cassilly funded the building of Cement land itself;
the free material and the revenue from bumping helps to underwrite what he claimed would
"otherwise be an unaffordable project." The playground is definitely not for kids or adults too for
that fact. A highly unsafe place especially for kids, nobody would want to leave their toddlers
playing around in a ruined old factory to hit some sharp object or to get kidnapped by someone
hiding in one of the abandoned rooms.
6) Luna Park
We know what you are thinking; Luna park? How is that a dangerous place? Luna Park was
initially an amusement park near Porte Maillot in Paris, France from 1907 to 1931.


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